Personality Psychology Degree Programs

Personality psychology is a sub-field of psychology that analyses personality traits and differences among individuals. Personality psychologists possess the ability to map rationality of an individual and their respective mental processes, explore unique aspects of each individual and examine their characteristics. This field is as interesting as it sounds, so if you have always being intrigued by diverse personalities and wish to study them then apply for one of the personality psychology degrees right away.


Each individual has an active and predetermined set of traits that direct their behavior in different situations. A deep study of these traits is the main aim of personality psychologists. They analyze effects of behavioral characteristics and their relatively in order to foresee expectable behavior. Differences in a person’s thinking process, level of sensitivity and actions and reactions form a pattern of expected behavior. This pattern influences outlook, perception, as well as attitude in relation to dilemmas and worries. These are some of the tasks performed by personality psychologists.


Bachelor’s Degree

In a bachelors degree program students learn basic concepts of cognition, bio-psychology, nature, and nurture and trait theories. Students study about the affects of motives and intentions on an individual’s personality. A historic account of evolution of human personalities is taught to students to learn the stages of human development.

Master’s Degree

Students have to thoroughly learn about psychodynamics, diagnostic testing procedures and personality evaluation procedures in a master’s degree program. Various issues at macro level that effect development of a personality in relation to their environment, society, or community are studied and researched. Such issues can relate to gender roles, belief systems and economic concerns.

Doctorate Degree

At doctorate level students’ research on individuals and community related factors affecting the development of personality traits. Social issues, and culture and its affect on personalities are also part of course study. In this program students are required to understand the research methods through which personality of an individual can be assessed and measured. In order to earn a PhD degree in personality psychology one has to put in their efforts in clinical research and successfully complete an acceptable dissertation.

Career Opportunities

Personality psychologists work part time as teachers while they attempt to discover new theories and concepts in personalities that improve human behavior and understanding. They work at state, federal, and government level positions to apply their knowledge to explain factors affecting societies and communities. Issues related to immigration processes are among the areas where personality psychologists could provide consultation. Others areas can include crime and health care. In business organizations, personality psychologists assist in creating strategies to ensure targeted consumers are attracted towards certain goods or services.

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