Psychology Careers in New Mexico

New Mexico, known as the Mountain State, is the 36th most populous state of United States. It has remained a significant corridor for migration and trade. It has maintained various research facilities which resulted in the highest number of PhD’s living in New Mexico in the year 2000. With such a high literacy rate, psychology careers in New Mexico could be brighter than one could ever imagine. Individuals who have decided to settle down in this state have made the right decision, as a degree along with experience would be valued the most. Those with a background in psychology must have understanding of deductive reasoning, interpersonal communication and human behavior to assist people on a large scale.


New Mexico depends heavily on its top industries such as oil and gas and tourism. They give a boost to the economy of almost 2,082,224 people according to United States Census Bureau. Psychologists on the basis of their immense knowledge provide services in placement, recruiting and human resource in some of the top industries of the state.

In the growing government sector, graduates could apply the management, administrative as well as criminal justice skills they have learned during their academic period and training. Moreover, an emerging field in this state is criminal justice which also assures employment opportunities as an intelligence analyst, private detective or probation officer. With a large native population, it is the center of Native American Culture. It sometimes influences the mental health of people who have been following their culture for hundreds of years and are not prepared for any sort of change.

At this point some contradictory forces could disturb the social harmony which increases the demand of social psychologists in New Mexico.

Education Requirements

Psychology graduates have been enjoying many job opportunities in recent times, as the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that individuals with a master’s degree will be given preference in the future. Moreover, they are mostly hired as therapists and counselors by healthcare, mental care and community organizations. Additional employment opportunities are for individuals with master’s degree in research psychology in sectors such as private corporations, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Clinical, forensic, school, and industrial/organizational psychologists are among the most hired professionals in New Mexico. A large number of businesses need mental health counseling and those with a PhD degree could make a great impact on the community. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2007 presented statistics of 33% people suffering from poor mental health.

License Requirements

Individuals need to complete 2 years or 3000 hours of experience, while 1500 hours must be completed with an approved internship before receiving their degree. Remaining hours can be completed later and then once can submit an application along with the supporting documents to the New Mexico Board of Psychologist Examiners for further approval. The board will approve your application for the Examination for Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP).

Career Opportunities

With the need of change and prosperity after the economic crisis of early 2008, the unemployment rates became high. Psychologists at this stage were high in demand to support and sustain businesses and provide solutions in government affairs. While on the other hand, the great fallout resulted in increased demand of mental health psychologists. Opportunities for PhD’s are immense in this area of study.

Counseling professionals are also in great demand, as pointed out by the state officials, due to the competitive business environment; drastic employment changes can put stress on employees to support their families. Furthermore, an emphasis on excellent health practices along with preventive measures has expanded the number of jobs for psychologists. Graduates could apply for positions in various healthcare facilities such as in hospitals as a patient counselor or correctional facilities as a rehabilitation expert or assisted living homes as clinical psychologists.

The government sector has also been expanding its roots and is employing psychologists in state agencies to conduct evaluation and treatments. Department of Workforce Solution reports that career growth in this sector will be 225 by the year 2016. Employment ratio of clinical, school and counseling psychologists is 1.53 according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. (www.dws.state)


According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the state of Mexico, psychologists on average earn $65,020 annually.

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