How to Become a Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychology combines psychology and law together to resolve major criminal issues that usually have grave consequences. It is a rewarding career for individuals who want to have knowledge of both areas, i.e. criminal justice system and psychology. Through academic excellence and practicum highest position at any setting could be gained.

Forensic psychologists provide exceptional services by counseling families and offenders and at the end of the day they sentence recommendations on the basis of evaluation. Such expertise could be gained through a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. Real-world work experience in law enforcement and related agencies can also be beneficial.

One must have a license to perform as a psychologist by passing a state certification exam. Ultimately, competent and well deserving professionals may end up in government offices, healthcare and community mental health centers or low enforcement agencies. Thus, the pay scale changes with experience and qualification.

forensic psychologist

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