Psychology Careers in Illinois

One of the glamorous states of United States is Illinois.  It is known to be the 5th most populous among all the 50 states. It has cities like Chicago, Aurora, Rockford and Joliet that are symbol of progress and development. Chicago is known as the largest city in the state and ranked 3rd among the most densely inhabited cities of United States. This state has so much to offer with large industries and ever growing businesses. It is also considered to be the major transportation and economic hub. Career opportunities are vast in the agricultural sector and other major industries like chemical and food processing. Once you step into the state with a mindset of acquiring success, you will know of the numerous opportunities you could benefit from. Psychology careers in Illinois are in abundance and you will have the option to select one on the basis of your qualification and expertise.


Illinois has a competitive business market. It has a population of 12,869,257,which is the main reason for it being a leading state in agricultural products. Some outputs from agriculture are cattle, corn and soya beans. All types of specialists are required in this state to work as well psychologists with atleast a master’s degree either in health, counseling, rehabilitation or educational concentration.

Furthermore, there is a great demand for industrial/organizational psychologists in manufacturing businesses like that offabricated metal products, machinery manufacturing, plastics and rubber products and food manufacturing. Other career options for clinical, health and pediatric psychologists are also available in health sectors or care centers. The economy of this state is also moving towards high value-added services like higher education, medicine and financial trading in which psychologists from different specialized fields might apply and work. This advancement in businesses would eventually increase the need for educational, organizational/industrial, engineering, and research psychologists.

Education Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in psychology lays the foundation for individuals, which allows them to later specialize in a certain area of the field. Graduates are hired by most of the companies in Illinois to bring a change in the existing health care and educational system. Educational and clinical psychologists with a graduate degree are given preference in health care centers and institutes.

One would be able to work in different industries by acquiring a master’s degree in industrial/organizational concentration. Other individuals with a specialized degree in clinical or counseling along with work experience under a supervised individual are hired in hospitals and health care centers. These people can apply to a number of industries, health care facilities and other organizations. They are given preference over others if they have earned a specialization in clinical, rehabilitation or industrial-organizational psychology.

With a doctorate degree, one could work in fields of neuropsychology, forensic psychology, developmental psychology and more. These practitioners are more in demand because many people in this state are suffering from poor mental health.

Licensure Requirements

To become licensed in this state, one has to meet the pre-requisites accordingly. This state needs 2 years of work experience, which should be equal to 1750 hours under a licensed practitioner. On the other hand, one year experience is required for PhD students. After completing this, forms of licensure could be downloaded from the site representing Illinois Board of Psychologist Examiners. After completing the requirements, they are qualified to give the psychologist licensure examination.

Career Opportunities

Among the top employers of this state are ABRS, Gateway Foundation, Dr. Parisi & Associates and Rockford Public Schools. There were almost 4,720 people employed in the clinical, counseling and research settings projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2011. Employment is expected to rise by 22% in the next decade. These practitioners have been increasingly hired due to their proficient work in various industries such as:

Health Care

Clinical specialists might work in a variety of settings like mental health centers, group homes and hospitals. These practitioners aim to lessen the distress of people and improve their psychological condition with the assistance of research and methods to provide proper treatment.


Educational psychologists work in universities and colleges as professors and top ranked individuals who spread knowledge of the human mind and their abilities. Moreover, they continue their research on how humans can be educated in an educational setting and outside. They also focus on teaching, educational interventions and social aspects of schools and organizations.


In 2012, professionals in Illinois on average earned $70,000 annually in this field. (

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