Psychology Careers in Idaho

Idaho is a wealthy state and is considered as the 14th most liberal, and amongst the 39th most populous states of United States. Being a densely populated one, it has tremendous amount of business activities known worldwide in machinery, paper products, food processing, electronics and tourism. The capital of this state is Boise and is landlocked by six states and one province of Canada. It has huge mountains and gushing rivers, which add to the scenic beauty of this state. Idaho is also known as an important state serving agricultural needs. It has a great economy that paves way for psychology careers in Idaho. Individuals who intend to serve as well-renowned psychologists of the future could become permanent residents of this state.


Many top industries have been offering employment to psychologists in different departments to enhance human ability to be able to perform in a more effective manner. Idaho has been advancing in science and technology sector, which are known to be the largest among all industries of the state. Careers opportunities for psychologists are great and favorable especially for those are highly qualified.

Hospitality and recreation are also among the industries that are known as the corner stone of the state’s economy. To ensure employment to population of 1,584,985 people, these industries have been working to increase job opportunities for qualified professionals. Psychologists here could find a way to break into gradually expanding industries.

The demand is ever increasing, as individuals from this field are required in every sector. Therefore individuals who have chosen forensic or clinical psychology as their career option will benefit from success and greater job prospects. These practitioners are known for their work regarding human mind and other creatures to understand how they are linked to each other in a particular environment. In Idaho, psychologists are highly in demand in offices of health practitioners, psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals.

Education Requirements

As compared to graduates, master’s degree holders have more opportunities in almost every sector.

Bachelor’s degree

Wide range of opportunities also exists for those with a graduate degree, for example in data analysis, product marketing, human resource and recruiting, customer service, consumer income and advertising, communications and management. It also provides a strong base in the fields of liberal arts and social sciences. They could also find work in the natural resources industry and agriculture in order to apply their skills of statistical methodologies and data analysis. The top employers to work for are Idaho Food Bank and United Way of Treasure Valley (Boise).

Master’s degree

Individuals with a master’s degree commonly work as industrial-organizational practitioners in this state due to technology industries expanding. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, Idaho has been ranked 2nd for having the highest level of social assistance jobs, especially rehabilitation counselors.

Doctorate’s degree

Doctorate programs are highly in demand in Idaho. Their scope is not limited to the clinical concentration but students can find other specialized fields rewarding as well. In Idaho, other fields in which one could thrive are sports, health, industrial-organizational, social and neuropsychology. A PhD in counseling and industrial/organizational psychology would increase your demand in almost every sector, either private or government. Employers seek to hire professionals with a higher degree for an improved and better outcome at the end of the day.

Licensure Requirements

Once you are done with your studies, your next step is to acquire two years work experience under supervision, covering 1000 hours. After this, the next requirement is to apply for licensure. Idaho Board of Psychologist Examiners is responsible for licensing individuals of this field through Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).

Career Opportunities

Clinical specialists are currently in demand in this state as compared to other specialists. As reported by the Disease Control and Prevention Centers, 34.6% of adults are suffering from poor mental health. Therefore, clinical individuals are hired in various settings like outpatient care centers, educational support services and psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals. Some current employers of clinical and school psychologists are Boise State University, Emmett, Scott P. Hoopes, MD, & Associates and Family Health Services. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipated in 2011 that nearly 740 clinical, counseling and school practitioners were required whereas 50 were positions for other specialists in this field.

Science and technology is an expanding industry in the state of Idaho where industrial-organizational psychologists could work in manufacturing, retail and trade departments to increase the employee satisfaction by analyzing physical and sedative conditions of the work place.

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