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What are the Differences Between Forensic Psychology and Neuropsychology?

Forensic psychology and neuropsychology are two intriguing fields of study. Both are relatively new, too, which adds to their allure for prospective psychologists.

Key Differences Between School Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy

This guide offers insights into these aspects of school psychology and marriage and family therapy. Read on to learn more and decide which field aligns more with your interests or needs.

Differences Between Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy

Whether you are interested in a career in one of these fields, unsure of the type of mental health care you need, or perhaps both, this guideline will help you differentiate between the two.

Differences Between Mental Health Counseling and Rehabilitation Counseling

A brief comparison of mental health counseling and rehabilitation counseling reveals the most significant difference between these two fields: the specific aims of practice.

Key Differences Between Applied Psychology and Clinical Psychology

This guide highlights the differences between applied and clinical psychology so you can make a more informed decision about which field is right for you.

Differences Between a School Counselor and a School Psychologist

If you want to become a school counselor or school psychologist, this guide will help you determine which career best suits your skills and interests.

What are the Differences Between an LPC and an LMFT?

These professions have many similarities. But their differences are much more important for recognizing their unique applications and benefits in your life.

Difference Between a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and a Psychologist

This guide explores the differences between two common titles in the helping professions – licensed professional counselor and psychologist.

Difference Between Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology

While clinical psychologists and forensic psychologists both study human behavior, often, the manner in which they do so is different.

Easy School Psychology Programs to Get Into

You have to be properly educated to work in school psychology. You can do just that in one of the programs outlined below!

Graduate Psychology Programs That Are Easy To Get Into

With so many high-quality counseling and psychology programs to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine which program is right for you.

Difference Between Cognitive Psychology and Clinical Psychology

This guide examines the differences between cognitive psychology and clinical psychology, including how these sub-fields address the question of “why do humans behave the way they do?”

Key Differences: Mental Health Counselor Vs Marriage & Family Therapist

While there are many similarities between counselors and therapists, there are also many differences that make them distinct specializations.

Key Differences – Mental Health Counselor Vs School Counselor

It is essential to understand the difference between mental health counselors and school counselors – and which type of professional is best suited to help your child.

Clinical Psychologist Vs. Counseling Psychologist – Differences & Similarities

Psychology is a fascinating field with many different applications. You can conduct research, teach at a university, and provide services to individuals who are struggling with mental health issues.

Famous Forensic Psychologists

Psychologist and expert in the judicial system, a forensic psychologist works with the criminal justice system as an expert witness.

How COVID Will Increase The Demand For Psychologists

The COVID-19 pandemic is, no question, quite possibly the biggest and one of the most difficult experiences of our lifetime. COVID has contaminated countless individuals worldwide and has killed a large number from each edge of the globe.

What is the Difference Between Criminal Psychology and Forensic Psychology?

Many a time the two areas of psychology are thought to be the same and are used interchangeably in conversation. However, this is a great misconception that will be addressed in this article.

Difference Between Behavioral Psychology and Cognitive Psychology

Psychologists from both sides of the spectrum realize that both methods have value in treating patients, giving birth to a combined cognitive-behavioral therapy.

What is the Difference Between Developmental Psychology and Abnormal Psychology?

Developmental psychology scientifically studies the psychological changes that occur during a human’s life cycle. Whereas abnormal psychology is the study of the irregular occurrences of human thought, emotion and behavior.

What is the Difference Between Criminology and Forensic Psychology?

The global criminal justice industry is quite vast with a number of options for interested parties to explore further. Two such fields are forensic psychology and criminology which are directly related to criminal justice.

What is the Difference Between General Psychology and Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology is not merely a scientific study, but a step further and deals with the assessment and then treatment of mental illnesses. General psychology is another term used to identify the field of psychology in general.

What are the Differences Between Legal Psychology and Forensic Psychology?

If you are wondering what the difference is between legal and forensic psychology, you have come to the right place – this article will shed some light on the nuances that make up these two branches of psychology.

What is the Difference Between School Psychology and Educational Psychology?

At first glance there may seem to be little difference between the two. While the two fields of psychology work holistically to address an area of academic concern, the two are quite dissimilar in many ways.

Mental Health Counseling & Clinical Psychology: What is the Difference?

There are two common types of mental health professionals that are typically sought after; mental health counselors and clinical psychologist.

What is the Difference Between School and Clinical Psychology?

School psychologists  use many of the basic principles of clinical psychology when they’re evaluating and treating school children. School psychology can be considered a sub-specialty of clinical psychology.

Difference Between Applied Psychology and Experimental Psychology

Applied psychology puts the theories and principles of psychology to practical and tangible use in the everyday world. Experimental psychologists spend virtually all their time conducting research experiments rather than applying research to real-life situations.

What is the Difference Between General Psychology and Social Psychology?

It doesn’t help that there are various systems of classification. We’ll try to clear up some of this mess by describing general psychology and social psychology.

What is the Difference Between Industrial and Clinical Psychology?

Industrial psychologists continually study the behavior and attitudes of employees in every major type of industry and then compile the latest findings and recommendations. Clinical psychologists counsel and treat patients who have psychological problems or disorders.

What is the Difference Between Clinical Psychologist and School Psychologist?

Clinical psychology expands to a wide area where the general practice requires some extensive research exercises. School psychology delves into specialized areas with its core knowledge found rooted very much within psychology and education combined.

Difference Between Exercise Psychology and Sport Psychology

Sport psychology involves working on both the body and mind in tandem. Goal setting is used as key motivation tools in sport psychology. Exercise psychology deals with areas such as cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis conditions, cancer, diabetes etc.

What is the Difference Between Child and Developmental Psychology?

Through child psychology it is possible to understand the basic psychological needs of children. In development psychology the physical and mental changes that take place during growth right from infancy are carefully studied.

What is the Difference Between Health Psychology and Medical Psychology?

To explain one type of psychology practice, as having the legal ability to prescribe medications and the other does not is to explain the difference too simplistically. Find out what are the differences then!

What is the Difference Between Social Psychology and Cognitive Psychology?

Understanding social behavior patterns through social perception and interpretation is often delved into with social psychology. Cognitive psychology covers the thought processes that people consider when faced with any given situation.

What is the Difference Between Social Psychology and Personality Psychology?

Social psychology shares similarities with personality psychology. They both study behavior at the social and individual levels, but they approach their studies from opposite perspectives.

What is the Difference Between Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry?

The fields of psychiatry and clinical psychology over-lap, so it’s easy to get confused in trying to distinguish between them.

What is the Difference Between Counseling Psychology and School Psychology?

Counseling psychologists work with individuals of all ages, couples, families, and organizations. School psychologists are trained to intervene at the student and system level, and execute preventive programs as needed.

Cross-Cultural Psychology and General Psychology: What is the Difference?

General psychology is essentially the study of basic principles, problems and methods that are the hub of this particular science. Cross-Cultural psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes, while paying particular attention to an individual’s diverse cultural conditions.

What is the Difference Between Cultural Psychology and Cross-Cultural Psychology?

Culture refers to similar characteristics and traits (i.e. attitudes, personalities, thought processes, opinions, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors) found within a group of people.

What is the Difference Between Health Psychology and Clinical Psychology?

If you are wondering what the difference is between health psychology and clinical psychology – you have come to the right place. We will provide you with the “ins and outs” of these two branches of psychology.

What are the Differences Between Research Psychology and Applied Psychology?

A research psychologist conducts research studies with participant. Applied psychologist involves applying psychological principles to the treatment of clients and patients.

What is the Difference Between Organizational Psychology and General Psychology?

Some psychologists work in organizations, while others work in private practices, skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes), social service agencies, and/or educational/research institutions.

Difference Between General Psychology and Developmental Psychology

General psychologists typically work with families that are struggling with communication issues. Developmental psychologists will focus on a particular period of the human lifespan, such as early childhood or old age.

What is the Difference Between Counseling Psychology and Social Work?

Counseling psychology and social work are both what can be termed as helping professions. The role that counseling psychologists and social workers play in the lives of their clients can differ rather dramatically.

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