Psychology Career FAQs

What are the Careers in Mental Health Counseling?

A mental health counselor facilitates and promotes mental health in a number of different kinds of settings. A mental health counselor may work with individuals, couples, groups or the community at large.

21 Jobs You Can Do With a Psychology Degree

If you’re wondering what careers are possible with a psychology degree, the short answer is that there are many.

Career Options With a Degree in Health Psychology

Health psychology is the practice of studying the many different psychological and behavioral processes in the areas of illness and healthcare.

What Job are Available With a Degree in Forensic Psychology?

The sub discipline of forensic psychology is a field that is growing rapidly. The rapid growth of this discipline can be attributed to the re-specialization of psychologists who are leaving managed care.

Career Options With a Degree in Media Psychology

Media psychology tries to understand and explain how media affects the way in which people see, understand, interact and respond in a world rich in media and new technologies.

What are the Career Options With a Degree in Positive Psychology?

The field is focused on helping people to lead the best life they can through the use of positive thinking and focusing on personal strengths.

What are My Career Options With a Degree in Political Psychology?

Political psychology is a field that tries to understand politicians, politics and political behavior from a psychological viewpoint.

What Can I Do With a Degree in Developmental Psychology?

Developmental psychology involves the study of the types of changes that can take place in human beings during the course of their lifetimes.

What Jobs are Available With a Degree in Educational Psychology?

Educational psychology focuses on the social, emotional, and cognitive factors that influence learning. The demand for professionals in the field of educational and school psychology is expected to increase.

Career Options With a Degree in Community Counseling

Community Counseling is a field of study that focuses on helping entire communities resolve problems that are related to social discord and psychological issues.

What Jobs are Available With a Experimental Psychology Degree

Experimental psychologists specialize in the study of human behavior and cognition and their research explores thinking, learning, attention, motivation, and other cognitive functions.

How to Prepare for a Career in Psychology

Psychologists observe people and collect information gathered through interviews and other methods to identify behavioral and emotional patterns.

Career Options With a Degree in Medical Psychology

Services provided in the Medical Psychology field include advanced psychological diagnosis, treatment, and consultations about the use of any psychotropic medication.

What Can I Do With a PhD in Psychology?

Professionals who earn their PhD in psychology have many more career options available to them than Masters and Bachelors level individuals.

What Can You Do With a Degree in School Psychology?

School psychology is a specialized field, there are not a wide variety of jobs available to school psychologists, but because of an ever-increasing concern with youth health and safety, they are in high demand.

Social Psychology Careers: What Can You Do With a Degree in Social Psychology

Social Psychology is seen as a field that combines Sociology with Psychology because it combines elements from both fields. Sometimes it is even mistaken for being a subfield of Sociology.

What are the Career Options With a Degree in Sports Psychology?

Many careers within the field of sports psychology involve analysis of psychological traits of individuals and groups in the athletic world and an application of the findings of that analysis to particular situations.

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