Career Options With a Degree in Media Psychology

What Does Media Psychology Focus On?

Media psychology tries to understand and explain how media affects the way in which people see, understand, interact and respond in a world rich in media and new technologies. Media psychology is usually focused on trying to identify benefits and drawbacks from many different forms of technology, and bringing about positive use of media.

The use of the word ‘media’ in media psychology can refer to all kinds of traditional media, such as radio and newspapers, as well as to the new and rapidly changing landscape of technologies including virtual reality and mobile applications.

A media psychologist can work in a number of different disciplines in the field, including advertising, marketing, social psychology, research and analysis, neuroscience and clinical practice. Media psychologists can be employed in fields as diverse as entertainment, education and healthcare.

The more common topics that media psychologists are focused on currently include media distribution; exploring emerging technologies such as virtual reality; social media development; online curriculum development; developing self-help applications; and product development.

What are the Career Options in Media Psychology?

Advertising Manager

An advertising manager places adverts with the intention of attracting customers to a brand. A worker in the advertising industry may focus on specific fields, including television, radio, print or online advertising. Advertisers also work with a company or a brand to identify their goals in promoting a product, and to select the target audience for that product. The advertiser then promotes that product to the target audience.

Media Consultant

A media consultant works with a client such as a political candidate or a large business, with the goal of creating positive coverage in the press. Media consultants can write positive press releases for their client or create positive ad campaigns. Their role may also be described as a public relations specialist. They may use their campaigns to sway voters in favor of a political candidate before an election, or to encourage shoppers to choose one type of product over another at the supermarket.

Media consultants may also work in the rapidly growing area of social media, where their work would usually involve developing media campaigns using blogs and video.

Curriculum Designer

Curriculum designers work to create and design materials for learning in different areas of education. They may improve on materials already in use in the classroom or provide new curriculum materials. A curriculum designer may specialize in one particular area of education, such as high school, college, adult education, elementary, etc.

The emerging field of online curriculum is providing a new focus for holders of a degree in media psychology. A curriculum designer could be involved in creating a curriculum that could be accessed entirely online, in a growing move away from traditional educational formats.

Curriculum design falls under the field of instructional co-ordination.

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is a professional whose main role is to take charge of the marketing resources of a business or a brand. Marketing managers may be in charge of just a single product or brand, or may be a general manager with responsibility for a wide range of products and services.

They may also help to identify trends in the marketplace and create marketing strategies for their clients’ products. They may also gauge the market’s response to a product and act accordingly. International marketing managers may focus on a worldwide view for their marketing purposes.

Media Psychologist

A media psychologist focuses on the relationship between media and human behavior, by examining both individuals and society as a whole.

Media psychologists study how people interact with media and with each other, and examine media influence on our lives. They may be involved in gauging audience response to television shows, to create more enjoyable shows, or more powerful advertising campaigns. They may also choose to work in the rapidly growing fields of mobile applications and virtual reality.

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