Global Psychology Degrees

Global psychology degrees train an individual to be able to take the psychoanalytical perspective on various world issues of interest that can be observable acts or incidents. This psychological perspective analyses the variants in the practices of differing societal norms across the globe. This includes analyzing and interpreting the evolutions as well as transformation of societies as well as the manner by which the world is now being transformed into a “Global Village”.


Global psychologists have to study psychological processes and the underlying reasons for the occurrence of an incident, experience, a trend, a happening or a singularity of global portions. They must attempt to intervene at a macro level to implement policies that relate to issues that have global ramifications. Such issues can include the effect on humans relating to the increase in oil prices in all aspects of their lives. A world wide perspective for the care and well being of humans is attempted to be taken on by such psychologists. This can require them to analyze as well as study the causes for issues as the struggles of immigrants and refugees.


Types of Degrees

Since global psychology degrees are instructed upon in detail at the doctorate level students learn the theoretic of principles as social and cultural behavior in differing societal norms. Subjects as environmental psychology and its effects on various human societies are studied in depth.

This form of psychology requires thorough learning on the variations in community behavior towards issues relating to belief systems as well as world views on human rights, privileges, oppression, and roles played by leaders. The mental conditioning that relates to acts of terrorism, genocide as well as cultural stereotyping are studied. This includes the causes and effects of racial prejudices.

In PhD level education students also learn to analyze the actions taken by global organization as the implementation of procedures to alter that respective community. Such organizations include the United Nations, UNICEF and even the World Trade Organization.

Career Options

One may join in on various professions relating to a world prospective. Global psychologists may join a career in national governments in an attempt to assist and advise actions to be taken in term of international policy relating to providing aid to various other developing nations.

They can also help armed forces deployed to differing parts of the worlds to be better able to communicate and understand the reasons for the behavior of the communities where they are posted. For various private organizations with more of a profit orientation such psychologist have tried to customize goods and services to be sold in differing parts of the world.

For various NGO’s or other nonprofit organizations they can help aid those in need by developing new procedures which will guide their aims and policies.

Salary Prospects

On average the annual income for psychologists is calculated to be well over $85,000 ( Since the world as we know it is becoming smaller and smaller due to advances in communications and transportation the demand for global psychologists is likely to increase. Various global issues relating to geographical, social, economic as well as political concerns are likely to increase and so is the need for such psychologists.

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