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Wyoming is a western state that is composed mostly of mountains, foothills and rangelands, with the eastern third consisting of high plains. Nearly half the state is owned by the federal government. Wyoming ranks last in total population and second-to-last in population density of the fifty states. According to the 2010 Census, Wyoming has about 563,000 people, which is fewer people than live in Las Vegas, the 31st most populous city in the nation. Wyoming’s largest city and capital is Cheyenne, with only about 60,000 people. Cheyenne’s metropolitan area of nearly 100,000 ranks 354th in population among metro areas in the nation. The economy is known for its ranching, but tourism and mineral extraction are now the most important sectors of the economy, though ranching and other types of agriculture are still important.

Forensic Psychologists

Forensic psychology is a combination of psychology, criminal justice and law. Forensic psychologists apply their understanding of these three areas to situations that involve criminal behavior and legal disputes. There’s a broad range of specialties in the field, including appearing as an expert witness in court, working with minors in court cases, counseling convicts in penitentiaries, assessing the competency of defendants for standing trial and acting as a court liaison for a police department.

Schooling and Jobs

Because or Wyoming’s paucity of urban areas, the opportunities for locating schools and jobs in a highly specialized field like forensic psychology are limited. But, since forensic psychology is a growing field, those opportunities might expand in the near future.

Not many colleges offer bachelor’s degrees in forensic psychology, so some prospective forensic psychologists major in psychology and minor in pre-law or criminal justice, and then later get a master’s degree in forensic psychology. For many jobs in forensic psychology, a doctorate is required, especially for those who want to serves as an expert witness in court. A person’s level of education plays a large role in finding a good job in this field.

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