Forensic Psychology Schools in Oklahoma

Forensic psychology is a field that deals with the connection between science, specifically the discipline of psychology, and the justice system or the law. This field has witnessed growing importance in the past because of the need for people with psychological background ion court hearings and other matters related to the law. If you are interested in being employed in such, career, there are many psychology schools in Oklahoma that can be taken into account.

One of the schools that offer such degree is the University of Central Oklahoma. A basic requirement, however, will be a bachelor’s degree in psychology before one can pursue the master’s program. This degree will prepare you in the fields of criminal investigation and intelligence analysis. Aside from the thesis that you will be required to complete, you will need to take courses in Crime Scene Processing, Forensic Science Analysis, Forensic Serology, Digital Forensics, and Crime Scene Reconstruction, among others.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an unprecedented growth in the state economy of Oklahoma, which means that there are job opportunities that can open up in many fields, including that of forensic psychology. It has also been reported that there will be a 22% increase in 2020 for professionals in the field of psychology, which makes education in forensic psychology a good investment.

As a forensic psychologist in Oklahoma, there are different career opportunities that may open up for you. You can be employed as a psychotherapist to deal with the psychological issues experienced by crime victims. You can also be a counselor for people who are involved in law enforcement. If you would want to pursue teaching, you can be a professor in institutes that offer psychological courses, including the specific sub-field of forensic psychology. The things that you will need to do at work include dealing with emotionally-challenged criminals, child witnesses, and workplace violence, among others.

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