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Many people are becoming interested in pursuing a career dedicated to understanding the complexities of the human mind and behavior. Psychology involves the study of the behavior and related functions and process of the mind and the body, in both humans and non-humans. There are many branches of psychology, thus, your career as a psychologist is highly dependent on your area of specialization.

For psychologists who are greatly interested in the application of their field in the criminal justice system, they should pursue a  degree in forensic psychology. This relatively newer branch of psychology delves into the application of psychological perspectives in a legal framework. Forensic psychologists perform clinical and forensic duties. Their forensic duties have to do with the court system. They are usually called in to stand as expert witnesses especially on the assessment of the mental health of the suspect or the victim, which is a very crucial factor in determining the results of the case. On the other hand, part of their clinical duties is to treat clients with counseling and therapy especially those who are victims of abuse and violence.

There is an expanding need for forensic psychologists all over the country, thus more and more psychology majors choose to pursue higher education in this area. Our legal and security sectors are continuously hiring forensic psychologists to render professionals services for the cases they handle. Other responsibilities of forensic psychologists include conducting assessments for police officers, making criminal evaluations, prescribing treatment plans, conduct court evaluations, and provide opinions on insurance claims and custody battles.

In Ohio, there are at least 4,500 forensic psychologists. This number is expected to rise to 4,700 in the next five years. A practicing forensic psychologist in the state of Ohio earns around $40,000 to $50,000 annually. This rate is the average salary for entry-level positions. Those who have higher education and have more experience can earn to more $80,000 per year.

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