Forensic Psychology Schools in North Dakota

Deciding on a career path usually starts with choosing what course to take up in college. For those who have an investigative mind and an interest in understanding human behavior, forensic psychology might be a good choice. People who are intrigued or take interest in solving mysteries and crimes should definitely consider forensic psychology as a career option.

Forensic psychology is a specialized branch of psychology which deals with the study of the connection of the legal system and human behavior.  This discipline requires psychologists to provide the correlation of one’s behavior to the possibility of actually committing a crime. Forensic psychologists usually try to understand the criminal mind, how it works, and to understand what the criminal might be thinking or doing – and why he or she is doing it. Forensic psychology is not about being psychic – it is good, specialized behavioral science at work.

To become a forensic psychologist, the first step is to find a school that offers the best programs in the said field. There are schools which offer a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with special focus on Forensic Psychology. There are also more schools which offer a master’s degree and doctorate. During the doctorate years, the candidate will be required supervised work experience as a prerequisite. After meeting the doctorate program alongside the work experience requirement, the next step is to apply for licensure. In North Dakota, license is applied to and granted by the North Dakota State Board of Psychologist Examiners.

The University of North Dakota is the largest forensic psychology school in North Dakota, by student population. It is home to almost all forensic psychology graduates in North Dakota averaging 20 graduates per year. Annual tuition in the university is $6,726.

Being a forensic psychologist also pays well, as it is already proven to be a very helpful profession especially in the state’s criminal legal system. The average salary for a forensic psychologist in North Dakota is $62,000 per year.

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