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Forensic psychology is a field of psychology that continues to expand and come into its own. The number of certificates, Master’s and Doctorate programs available to gain specialized-training and knowledge in forensic psychology is growing. There are professional associations and organizations for practitioners of forensic psychology which promote the distribution and sharing of teaching methods and effective treatment approaches, and support development and research in the field.  These organizations make it possible for forensic psychologists to network and exchange information and also earn continuing education credits for professional development. New educational offerings and professional organizations are indicators that a field or occupation is experiencing growth, and that demand for these specialists is increasing.

Students who wish to work as a psychologist in the criminal justice field must earn an undergraduate degree in psychology before pursuing the advanced degree, a Master’s or Doctorate in Psychology, necessary to work as a licensed forensic psychologist in Nebraska. It is imperative that students choose a program that will prepare them for the work they will do down the line and provide them with adequate preparation for the Examination of Professional Practice in Psychology, a jurisprudence exam required by the state of Nebraska. Candidates must pass this exam in order to become licensed.

Forensic psychologists provide consultation and give recommendations on many different types of court cases. In Nebraska, forensic psychologists provide insight in police misconduct, sexual harassment, and child custody cases, and assess the amount of psychological damage that has been inflicted on the victim in cases of discrimination, wrongful termination, malpractice, and personal injury. Forensic psychologists can find employment in the public sector or as consultants in private practice, in various roles and functions.

Forensic psychologists in Nebraska earn less than the national average ($73,090/yr) at $70,000 per year; however, the cost of living in Nebraska is also lower than the national average (, meaning each dollar goes further. The average wage of state employees is higher than that of those working in the private sector.

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