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Forensic psychology can be considered a crime fighting tool in Arkansas.  Being a police officer and fighting crime on the streets is not the only way to add value to the justice and legal system of a nation. As a forensic psychologist, you can go a long way in determining the outcome of a case by using learned skills in a courtroom setting during a trial or interrogation.

Forensic psychology is the term given to the field created after the mixture of psychology with the justice system. It uses the teachings and principles of psychology and applies them to the legal and justice system in order to add value to it. Concepts such as trial competency, witness analysis, behavioral indicators, psychological testing, psychological profiling and so on will be greatly relied upon during your career.

The best and recommended path to become a forensic psychologist  is through education – this is because education gives you the necessary academic qualifications to meet industry standards. Find a program that fits your needs and aligns you for future growth. Look at various psychology schools in Arkansas that may offer courses, degrees or certifications in this field of forensic science. Do not discount online programs that may help you as well. Keep your options open.

The economy is poised for double digit growth and usually the top employers include schools, legal institutes and medical institutes. Work can be found in the public or private sector. The average annual salary for forensic psychologists in Arkansas is $41,000 (

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