Forensic Psychology Schools in Alaska

Alaska is a growing economy where creation of jobs and economic stimulation are pushing the state into growth. As a matter of fact, according to the Alaska Economy Trends, September 2010, “Alaska is projected to recover from the aftermath of the recent recession and add 33,670 jobs”.

Forensic Psychology is a great addition to the industry of criminal law and justice. It is a field that takes the principles and concepts of psychology and applies them the justice system in order to make it robust. If you consider the larger picture, the use of forensic psychology is to improve the delivery of justice and to make it unquestionable.

If this field is one you wish to make a career out of then its best to first gain the necessary academic qualifications to get industry entrance. Most often, a Bachelor’s and then a Masters or Doctorate level degree are needed to begin practice. Licensing and certification are of equal importance in order to work or practice. However, certification or licensing vary from state to state and hence should be carefully researched before moving forward.

Forensic psychology schools in Alaska should be looked into if you are interested in working or studying in Alaska. Online programs should also be considered which can prove helpful. A useful reference include the Alaska Psychological Association ( You should visit schools and psychological institutes to get first-hand knowledge on this industry and how you can prepare for it.

The average annual salary for forensic psychologists in Alaska is $64,000 ( This figure is likely to increase as you gain experience and expand your clientele. You should aim for an internship or practical experience after you graduate as this will help you gain a strong foothold. Good luck!

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