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If there is one branch of science that has fascinated many people in the past, it would be psychology. This is because of the many who have found its various facets a lot interesting. It covers areas that are related to the brain, motivation, emotion, attention, and cognition. More so, it also studies neurobiological and physiological processes.

One of the many branches of psychology is existential psychology. The main focus of this branch is the provision of answers in how the human behavior is being affected, as well as how people are able to cope with the different issues that confront their lives. Through this, people are able to come up with the realization that the study of purpose and meaning is just as important as issues related to relationship, distresses, depression, and mental illnesses. This field of psychology is concerned about the reduction of the occurrences of the latter, while it is recognized that they are present and can even be worsened.


Existential psychologists are primarily responsible for helping individuals, or their patients, in being able to find prosperity and happiness, with the intention of achieving self-fulfillment. These psychologists perform an evaluation of the experiences of the individuals and their phenomenology, rather that complete reliance on experimental methods. Through existential analysis, these psychologists are able to provide curative measures and treatment options for their patients.

More so, the existential psychologists are bound with the thinking that the anxieties and struggles experienced by individuals are not dysfunctional. Rather, they are considered as being an outcome of several incidents. The treatment that they give to their patients is based on giving them the realization with regards to the beauty and importance of life. They make their patients believe in the present in order to achieve peace and freedom.

Degrees in Existential Psychology

One of your options would be taking a master’s level program in existential psychology. This can be earned from psychology, counseling,or social work. This level of education can be completed in a period of two years. The focus of education at this level will be the theoretical aspects of this branch of psychology. Taking this program will give you enough preparation to work in various settings, such as in clinics, hospitals, and consulting rooms, among others.

If you want a more extensive knowledge in this field, you can opt for a doctoral degree. Some of the degrees that can be taken include Doctor of Psychology (PhD or PsyD), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), or Doctor of Education (EdD). The latter reflect counseling degrees that are focused on the application of theories and not on research and training. Under the other doctoral degrees, you will undergo clinical internships.

Career Opportunities

Some of the career choices that can be taken into account by the people who have finished with such background in psychology can include the following: motivational speaker, author, sports psychologist, organizational consultants, psychiatric aide, counseling psychologist, professor, researcher, spiritual psychologists, and vocational counselor. According to a report in 2019, there were at least 113,270 people who were employed as clinical, counseling, and school psychologists.

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