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Every state wants to achieve the highest level of development which could only be possible with the team of professionals working efficiently in every sector either government or private. Residents of West Virginia are the state’s real assets who contribute whole heartedly in taking the economy towards the road of success. In order to gain sustainable development, healthcare and education industry must strengthen their base and advance more. The 37th most populous state of the United States, West Virginia relies upon manufacturing, trade, tourism and healthcare industry. Employees in these industries have to function professionally as to serve the needs of the residents of the state.

In this journey engineering psychologists could offer their services by understanding the human abilities to work and design the best machinery. They use the basic principles of perception and cognition to come up with new technologies that are best suited to human abilities. They optimize the operations of technological systems and improve the quality of products. Their main objective is to make the best possible product for the users.

If you are good at technical work and understand the minor details without much difficulty then have a career in this field. Your first and foremost responsibility is to search out engineering psychology schools in West Virginia. Select a program and school according to your educational background and budget. Employers in this state prefer to hire psychologists with a master’s or doctoral degree. Therefore, it is best for you to choose a master’s program from an accredited school, but to join the research section of any firm a doctoral degree would facilitate enormously. Attain the West Virginia psychologist license that would prove your eligibility to work and then apply in any government firm or private manufacturing company. Go through the employment rate which is projected to grow by 18% by 2020 as reported by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The annual median income earned by these psychologist is $77,000 as of 2012 (

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