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Among the contributors to growth of the state of Washington geographic location plays a major role. The state is located in a region that it is considered as the most ideal location for trade with Asia which is has recently increased the profits of various logistics services in the state. Among the more technologically advanced operations performed in the state include the development of aircrafts as the headquarters of Boeing manufacturing are located in Washington. Although one might not know of this but the state of Washington is the leader in the cultivation of crops as various types of grapes, fruits, berries and hops.

Each of these sectors of Washington’s economy is now made more efficient in productivity with the assistance of advanced technologies. However, there is a need to improve the interaction between humans and utilization of technologically advanced equipment. Engineering psychologists are capable to identify and recognize any difficulties in system that might cause error in the usage of various tools. They attempt to understand if any stress related mental or physical harm is being caused by performing such duties. One could study this new field which emphasize on human psychology to use such tools. Students learn about these areas in a master’s program after earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from an accredited college. Areas of studies covered in this field include human factors and product design, and analytical methods for human factors. A doctoral degree from an affiliated institute might put you in a higher position at work. A psychologist license in Washington could be achieved to work in private or government industries.

In Washington, engineering psychologists earn an annual median income of $75,000, as of 2012 ( There is an expected rise in the employment areas for psychologist in the country by 18% till the year 2020. There were 350 professional psychologists in Washington in 2011 (BLS). This advanced field of engineering psychology to improve human interaction with technology has resulted in the increase of many accredited engineering psychology colleges and schools in Washington.

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