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Texas has been blessed by many riches and the people of the state have worked hard to take advantage of these resources in order to make Texas the most prosperous region of the nation. Texas leads in the output of cattle, sheep and goat products and is considered the “Cotton King of the Nation”. The military Industry is the second largest economic sector of Texas. The state consists of one fourth of the country’s oil reserves and also has a significant amount of natural gas.

Texas has used its natural resources to be able to improve the welfare of its people. The state of Texas realizes that without the ingenuity and hard work of its people, Texas would not have been able to achieve such great feats. This is the reason behind why engineering psychology schools in Texas are increasing in number. Engineering psychologists are able to understand human needs that must be fulfilled. It requires employees to work more efficiently from studying in these psychology schools. They do so by identifying any ergonomic challenge that exist in the work environment and irradiate such issues. They have the ability to understand how physical and psychological health issues cause difficulty in using various technologically advanced equipments. One could study subjects as analytical methods for human factors as well as human interface design in masters program after earning their graduate degree in psychology from one of the best schools in town. With the help of a legal license they might find work in manufacturing industries, academic institutes and government companies to increase the level of efficiency.

The annual mean earning of an engineering psychologist in the state of Texas is $74,000, as of 2012 ( There were 600 psychologists  employed in the state in 2011 and on a national scale their employment percentage is expected to rise by 18% (BLS).

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