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South Dakota has invested in the betterment of its industries and made sure to fulfill all the necessities of the people of the state. This is evident by the fact that the largest part of South Dakota’s economy is represented by the services sector. The major divisions in this sector are education, finance, healthcare and retail. The state also happens to be home to the Ellsworth Air Force Base, which is the largest employer in South Dakota. Another example of their efforts to achieve self-sustenance is farming sector which comprises of corn, soya beans as well as pig and cattle farming.

The state of South Dakota believes that all these sectors need to function efficiently which is possible only through advancement in technology. Such progress cannot be achieved through engineering psychological perspectives. Engineering psychology is an approach by which various tools and products are designed as well as developed to make them user-friendly. The idea is to eliminate all ergonomic challenges that could result in physiological illnesses in employees. After earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology one could join a master’s program from state’s accredited schools. Experimental and industrial organizational psychology, both subjects are taught in detail by the professional faculty of a psychology school. One might decide to gain this knowledge from engineering psychology schools in South Dakota. Students should gain a license according to the requirements of the state to apply in various industries, manufacturing sector, educational institutes and other facilities.

In this state engineering psychologists earn an average annual income of $63,000, as of 2012 ( On a nationwide scale the expected increase in the number of engineering psychologists is 18% in the coming eight years (BLS). This subdivision of psychological study is still in its transformation and one has the opportunity to discover and help evolve this discipline more through research.

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