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The state with 100 counties situated in the South-eastern region is North Carolina. This state of United States borders with Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia. People from other states have also traveled to North Carolina to have a better and brighter career in industries that are famous for their growth and expansion. It has population of 9,656,401 and thus each sector has been making efforts to fulfill the needs of such a large population.

Finance, engineering and biotechnology are some of the industries where qualified professionals are required. One such professional that could serve the needs of not only the employers but the whole population is engineering psychologist. Their work is entirely related to people and ensuring them utmost comfort. They are concerned about designing machines in order to improve the lives of people. Their specialty of work is ergonomics, human factors, and human-machine interaction. These experts are required mostly in places like manufacturing and aviation. They examine and evaluate users needs and thus on such basis design equipment and create work environment.

Engineering psychologist play a critical role in enhancing the productivity of any company. So if you think you might do well in this area then pen down some of the best colleges for engineering psychology in North Carolina to select one out of them. You could study cognitive ergonomics, conduct research and comprehend human engineering topics after getting enrolled in a master’s degree program. A doctoral degree might be the best as psychologists are highly preferred at various places with a higher degree. With the North Carolina psychologist license after gaining education you might be eligible to work in private or governments industries and academia.

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics the posts available for these psychologists were   270 in 2011. The annual median salary for these psychologists in North Carolina is $77,000, as of 2012 (

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