Engineering Psychology Colleges in New York

Psychology has known to be a field which has been spreading its branches in almost every sector, may it be healthcare or aerospace. The work of psychologists is related to the mind of human beings which is why they are required in all the areas to increase the level of productivity that could be hindered by psychological changes.

New York is one of the glamorous states of the United States which is ranked at 3rd position for being the most populated state. In order for its economy to grow smoothly there is a constant need of professionals who could serve the large population. No matter what the firm is and how big or small it is the employees have to give their best. For that, engineering psychologists play a pivotal role. Their services are required to make safe and use-friendly products which could be used by the consumers. For that matter, these psychologists conduct tests and plan surveys to get a feedback on such basis to produce a better product. Such professionals could become a part of major industries of New York, including construction, manufacturing, healthcare or service industry.

Ergonomic computers, chairs, power tools and other products are designed with the assistance of these psychologists. It seems to be a quite interesting field where you could decide to work. If you want to gain information regarding the subject and degree program, find out the accredited schools for engineering psychology in New York. You must have a high school diploma to apply for a bachelor’s degree in psychology while for a master’s degree in this subject a graduate program in psychology could help a lot. For a higher post you must apply for a doctoral degree in this discipline. After gaining the required education you must pass the New York psychologist license examination. Areas which might be considered to work are private or government firms and manufacturing industry. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment level was 590 in 2011. The annual median salary they earn in New York is $106,000, as of 2012 (

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