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The state of Nevada is 9th least densely populated, 7th most extensive and 35th most populous among the 50 states of the US.  The state is situated in the southwestern mountainous territory of the US. The capital of Nevada is Carson City.  

Engineering psychology schools in Nevada may assist individuals in figuring out the association between the new technological inventions and humans. It is important to be familiar with the fact that constant usage of technology may cause problems. Thus these problems may be taken into notice and this is what results in the need of engineering psychologists. They get familiar with the choice of customers and know what prompt them in buying a certain product. An engineering psychologist utilizes several processes from different fields such as statistics, industrial, engineering and bio-mechanics. It is important that the product must be tested thoroughly so that they may not harm the user in any way. A user may also request for the alterations of designs of a product. Engineering psychologists closely look at all the aspects of technology and how it may help the human kind. They take into account the cognitive systems of engineering, ergonomics, and human engineering. The products may not necessarily need to be designed by self judgment, but by research and analysis as well as interviews.

Engineering psychologists must have either doctoral, masters degree from an engineering psychology school. These schools have compiled the necessary coursework required to train individuals for a successful professional life. This may help in getting opportunities in production, manufacturing, human resource and other departments of a company according to the required qualification. An engineering psychologist in Nevada gets an average salary of $65,000, as of 2012 ( Around 40 individuals were working as psychologists in 2011 in the state of Nevada (

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