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Nebraska ranks at 8th among 50 most densely populated states and is located in the Mid-western territory of the US. The capital of the state is Lincoln whereas Omaha is the largest city. Freight transport, information technology, insurance, agriculture and manufacturing are the economical factors of the state.

Engineering psychology schools in Nebraska may assist in getting to know about the bond between the man and machines. Engineering psychology is all about making technology easy to use. It is the amalgamation of psychological aspects with the human computer interaction. The field comprises of concepts from various fields such as cognitive systems engineering, human engineering human factors, and ergonomics. The user holds the power to accept or reject products they select. They may also provide feedback regarding the alteration in the existing design of product or also improvement in productivity. The slightest defects in it may cause severe concerns to health and the environment. We may come to know how technology creates its impressions on the human minds. The excessive use of it, may give rise to some serious problems. Human brain is easily attracted towards technology and is always in the quest of discovery. Engineering psychologists utilize the ideas from statistics, industrial, biomechanics, linguistics and engineering. The American Psychological Association stated that experimental and engineering psychologists are concerned with the rising hazards and excessive use of technology.

The educational background for experimental psychologists is at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree in psychology. Degrees earned from one of the top-ranked colleges might have more value than any other degree, while a doctorate program in this subject could facilitate to join the research department of any company or educational institute. Those who attain a Nebraska state psychologist license may get better access to several careers. There are various industries and product firms where services of engineering psychologists are required. The average salary for engineering psychologists in Nebraska as of 2012 is $62,000. Almost 40 psychologists were hired in 2011 in Nebraska (

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