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The state of Missouri borders with other states such as Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Arkansas. Manufacturing, aerospace and transportation, agriculture, printing and publishing are the most important sources of the state’s economy.

Engineering psychology schools in Missouri may help in finding out the relation between people and machines. They may also relate this to the global systems and environment. The basic purpose is to know about how to make a technology free from all the defects such as prevention of eye strains.

Through the field of engineering psychology, we may come to know how technology impacts the minds of humans. Besides that, it is also important to know about how we may avoid excessive use of technology, since it may give rise to problems. The field takes into consideration the technical aspects related to the system designs. This may be helpful in controlling, handling and monitoring humans with minimum involvement of risk. This is where the role of an engineering psychologist comes into play. As applied scientists, they know about the capabilities and limitations of the mind of humans. They may also be called as applied experimental psychologist. They apply the concepts from different fields such as industrial, bio-mechanics, linguistics, engineering and statistics. According to American Psychological Association, for the improvement of the safety and well being, numerous steps have been taken by engineering and experimental psychologists.

Students must have a bachelor’s, master’s or a doctorate degree in the field of psychology, engineering or inter-related concepts from an accredited psychology school. Having a masters or a doctoral degree from these schools may open new chances to discover this field. You may get various opportunities that may help you join big manufacturing industries or firms. The average salary for an engineering psychologist in Missouri, as of 2012 is $65,000 (

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