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The state of Mississippi is ranked at 31st among 50 most populous states and is situated in the southern region of the US. The largest city and the capital of the state is Jackson. Business services, agriculture, mining, fishing and manufacturing are the chief factors of the economy of the state.

Engineering psychology schools in Mississippi may help knowing about scientific and professional aspect of psychological knowledge in terms of system designs. The field of engineering is restricted to the improvisation of equipment by designing it according to electrical and mechanical standards. On the other hand, psychology is related to the behavior and mind of humans. Thus engineering psychology is all about how people adapt to the change of technology. As information technology has become prominent, the world is flooded with the machines and gadgets such as automatic teller machines, video cassette recorders (VCRS), microwave ovens, mobile phones and various other devices.

It is important that various aspects of human technology systems must consider the scope of engineering psychology. It is the responsibility of these engineers to develop user friendly products and test prior to launching them. In case of any errors, it is important that trouble shooting needs to be done before the product is available. If the errors arise during the course of production it may be easily sorted out. Moreover, a customer may return or reject the product and it may result in a bad impact on the product and the company. A client may also ask for the change in designs and it is important that the demand should be fulfilled accordingly.

An engineering psychologist must have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in this discipline from an accredited psychology college or school. Thus they may get jobs in research, healthcare, teaching, linguistics, statistics, engineering or bio-mechanics with a license. Their average salary in Mississippi is $55,000, as of 2012 (simplyhired.com). The number of engineering psychologists employed in this state was 50 in 2011 (bls.gov).

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