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In Massachusetts, industrial sector is among the biggest sectors working and employing a large number of people. The service sector on the other hand is also not behind in terms of development in this state. The greatest number of jobs available in Massachusetts is for well-qualified psychologists. The reason for it is numerous health issues found in people nowadays. One of the state’s largest employers is Massachusetts General Hospital in which almost 14,000 people work.

Engineering psychology is the study of psychology and engineering. In this field, knowledge from psychology and engineering is combined together to attain desired outcome in technology based systems and designs. Practitioners apply decision making theories and sensory perception to the ideas based on critical thinking which might be beneficial for people and firms altogether. Engineering psychologists increase workers productivity, efficiency and also train them to adapt different work environments. To check whether machines are user-friendly or not is the main responsibility of these psychologists.

By studying at engineering psychology schools in Massachusetts you might become a proficient individual. The choice you have is of a master’s degree or doctoral program in engineering psychology. Master’s degrees are of two years and doctoral degrees take more time to get completed. Psychology schools might train and teach you courses including ergonomics/human factors, foundations of human-computer interaction, graduate research methods, graduate statistics and bio-mechanics. It is also essential to get a psychologist licensure in Massachusetts after gaining required education from these schools. A license is an approval to work in various settings like scientific, development and research firms.

The employment level for psychologists in general is well-noted; around 380 psychologists were employed in various settings in 2011, signified by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The pay for engineering psychologists is exceptionally good. Mostly these specialists on average are paid $104,000 per year, as of 2012 (

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