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Maine has been distinguished as the center for technological development. Its industries have emerged positively in previous years because a great number of proficient individuals work in firms and organizations and provide quality services. One such proficient service provider is an engineering psychologist. These psychologists design and make new machines and equipment by keeping in mind the factor of user-friendliness. Sometimes they re-design equipment while at times they work over a new project but whatever way; they lessen the gap between machines and people. In big industries, these professionals work to look at employees’ issues so that they could work efficiently and effectively to raise company’s profits. For this, they also have to train them in using machines and equipment or they would evaluate their minds before hiring and later handle them accordingly.

If you want to become an engineering psychologist, you will have to track down the requirements for becoming a professional of this field. A forum like this could help get the information and education regarding the field. Engineering psychology schools in Maine are proper and accredited places for studying this field and you could choose to earn a degree of master’s or doctoral level. It might be more feasible for you to pursue a master’s degree because generally it takes less time to complete. The course list includes graphical user interface, authoring multimedia, introduction to computer graphics, bio-mechanics and advanced topics in HCI. Other than this, you might also find good opportunities in human factors and ergonomics for yourself. The place you might get work could be scientific, research, development firms and management, technical and consulting services organizations.

The number of people working as psychologists in the country was 40, surveyed by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011. The average pay for an engineering psychologist in Maine is $84,000 per year, as of 2012 (

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