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Iowa or the American Heartland is ranked at 30th among 50 most populous states and is situated in the Midwestern territory of the U.S. Healthcare is the prime factor that derives the economy of the state. Besides that mineral production, agriculture, manufacturing, insurance, communications and finance are the contributors to the state’s economy.

Engineering psychology schools in Iowa provide knowledge regarding product engineering.  Engineering psychologists make sure that the products they design are user friendly and thus may benefit everyone who may use it. It is important for those entering into the field to possess thorough knowledge and expertise, so that they may be able to transform the knowledge to other students. Medical, aviation and software industries may benefit the most from the services provided by them. They may have to work with the team of engineers so that testing may be done on the spot for a specified product. In case of fault, they may be able to fix it on the spot. If the product is defected or have faulty design and gets into the hands of the customer, then they might ask for a replacement or reject the product. Thus engineering psychologists convey their plans to these psychologists on how a certain product may create an impact on the mind of users. The advancement of technology has resulted in the growth of engineering psychology.

One must earn a bachelor’s, master’s or a doctoral degree in physics, engineering, psychology or computer programming. It depends upon how far a person may be willing to go in the field. By gaining enough information regarding the field, one may get hired by various employers such as software industry, government administrations, airports or various other settings. As of 2012, the mean pay in Iowa is $60,000 ( The employment statistics of psychologists in Iowa as indicated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics were 50.

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