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The state of Indiana ranks at 38th having the largest area among the states of the US. Besides that, the state is also placed at 15th among 50 most populous states of the country. Pharmaceutical, auto and steel are the factors that head the economy of the state.

Engineering psychology schools in Indiana refers to the study of the knowledge as how engineers make products for the common man to use in their daily lives. These products are of many kinds which lie in three categories mostly of medical industry, aviation and of computer software industry. These engineering psychology schools may provide valuable knowledge and make them learn about developing the products based on decisions of their own. For this purpose, these schools may teach students to consider consumers’ view regarding how a product should be like. Engineering in this field just do not make products by their own judgment and decisions but they often conduct interviews with people to know their perceptions that what they actually want. Through this research, engineering psychologists get help and can make those kinds of products which are closer to the needs of people. There may be a little example of motor bikes and washing machines. New technology is being utilized in washing machines as it that it shakes fabric as same as the hand of a person moves. This has been discussed as an art and very interesting use of humanistic psychology, and most importantly it is quite impressive profession. These psychologists are being hired by many prestigious companies.

One must have a bachelor’s, masters or a doctoral degree in psychology, engineering or physics. The average salary for a psychologist in this field in Indiana is $64,000, as of 2012 ( According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in Indiana, 130 individuals were employed as psychologists in 2011. They may get opportunities to work in aviation industry, academics and government organizations.

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