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Connecticut is a well-known state of the US and has good careers for its residents. Among these careers, engineering psychology is what might gain grounds in the coming years. This field focuses on applying psychological theories, methods and cognition to design equipments. These are used in manufacturing firms and are known for increasing the productivity. These practitioners also work by lessening risks of using the products. Other than this, they might select employees, train them and admire their skills as per requirements of the firm or organization. By applying basic rules of engineering psychology, these individuals remake and design new strategies of work within firms and make changes to high-tech equipment according to the needs of consumers.

Different sectors in an organization require their service including advertising, marketing, management and human relations. They might also work for many public organizations as well as specific firms of manufacturing.

Engineering psychology schools in Connecticut might provide a way to practice this field professionally. You would need a degree from one of these psychology schools and a licensure to practice the learned skills. It has been seen from various surveys that many students acquire doctoral degrees in psychology so it would be best for you to select an accredited school of the state. The courses that might be taught include systems safety engineering, advanced cognition, research methodology and graduate statistics. You might also excel in the field by choosing a two year degree of masters in experimental and engineering psychology. A licensure in any case is mandatory to work.

Generally, psychologists held almost 150 jobs in Connecticut in 2011, as stated by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average annual salary for engineering psychologists is $97,000, as of 2012 (  The pay changes with years of experience and proficiency of work.

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