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Arkansas is among the Southern Midwestern regions of the United States. It has been considered to be a quaint and temperate part of the country; however, it is involved in a few industrial and economic activities which have allowed it to lead the nation in certain sectors. Arkansas is the largest producer of poultry related goods in the country. Arkansas has also invested itself in fish farming as a significant amount of aquaculture exist in the state. Arkansas is an agricultural state due its fertile soil, relatively higher temperatures and evenly distributed rainfall. They have invested in the betterment of the people of the state on the basis of growth of various sectors including education and health care.

Engineering psychology is a field of study that could be applied to all such sectors of the economy of Arkansas. Engineering psychologists have the ability to understand the issues of human to improve the productivity. They do so by attempting to fine tune the integration between humans and the equipment they use. Engineering psychology degrees are more likely to be earned after one has completed the undergraduate degree in psychology and have clear idea of fundamental basis of psychology. At the master’s level degree in engineering psychology from an accredited school one learns about the various human concerns related to biomechanics as well as product process design and development. Students must possess a license to work in the big industries of the state.

In the state of Arkansas, engineering psychologists have recorded average annual earnings of $78,000, as of 2012 ( Employment opportunities for engineering psychologists are expected to increase by 35% in the coming eight years ( It can be a very interesting field for those who are interested in learning about new discoveries and the relation between man and machine. This is the real cause for the rapid increase in the number of engineering psychology schools in Arkansas.

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