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The sunny state of Arizona in the past felt a rising influx of migrants from various other regions of the nation. The population that doubled between 1950’s and 1990’s is primarily a result of the hotter climate and the mild winters. Arizona has traditionally maintained its economy on the five C’s principle which constricts of copper, cotton, climate, cattle and citrus. Copper mining, extraction and transportation represent a major part of the state’s economy. Textile has a significant base in the region but has declined in demand and production due to cheaper imports.

New discoveries in relation to the human psyche and physiology have proven this field to be most fascinating and interesting. This is a good opportunity for one to learn about how new goods and services are being created for humans ease. This is the major reason for the rise in the number of engineering psychology schools.

All such economic activities might require the abilities of engineering psychologists. With time innovations have been taking place in the development of various industrial based technological tools and equipment which need a human touch to make them more user-friendly. This exactly what engineering psychologists do, they reduce ergonomic challenges for the use of humans. The popular qualification in this field is a master’s degree in psychology. One must have a solid foundation to apply for a master’s degree. There are many principles and theories of psychology which help to understand various behavior models designed to measure human adaption in a certain environmental concern. One must gain a psychologist licensure in Arizona after completing the educational phase from an accredited school or college.

The employment opportunities for engineering psychologists are expected to rise by 35% by 2020 on a nationwide scale ( The annual average earning in Arizona is $71,000, as of 2102 (

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