Engineering Psychology Schools in Alaska

The northernmost state of the United States is Alaska. Due to its location and climate it is not densely populated. This is the main reason why there are less economic activities in the region. However, the land of Alaska produces both oil and natural gas and their extraction is the main source of income for the state. Fish farming that includes cod and crabs among other crustaceans is one of the other sectors of economic activity in the region. The major employer in Alaska is the government which requires workforce in extraction and logistics of Alaska.

Engineering psychologists deal with the various economic concerns in the region of Alaska. In order to develop equipment and other related utilities that could function productively in such geographically challenged state requires the services of engineering psychologists. These psychologists possess the ability to understand how various equipments could be designed perfectly and is not ergonomically challenging for humans. Issues that could be encountered include depression or other mental processing errors caused by the work environment. Many cases could result in combination of both. This has resulted in establishment of various psychology schools in Alaska with high emphasis on engineering psychology. In such schools one may learn about behavioral model statistics to measure the frequency by which such issues arise. A graduate program in psychology or a master’s degree could be earned to have fairly good employment opportunities in the future. Students must also fulfill Alaska psychologist licensure requirements to apply for work in any industry, either manufacturing or healthcare.

Engineering psychologists in Alaska earn an average income of $68,000 per year, as of 2012 ( There is an expected 35% rise in employment level for engineering psychologists in the United States ( Engineering psychology is considered to be a break through evolution that is the result of various advancements in technology. They are required to improve, innovate or even create goods for the ease of humans.

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