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The State of Wyoming is the 10th most extensive of all the states of the US. Its capital city is Cheyenne which is the most populous city with 60,000 people living in it. The state focuses on extraction industry and sectors of tourism and travel. The extraction of minerals is also widely done in this state.

For a state like Wyoming where there is so much work done in primary sector, more and more practitioners like developmental psychologists are needed. These professionals could provide better health services to people who are affected by delayed growth and disabilities which occur because of intense work. These practitioners work more in understanding how a person progresses physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and intellectually with time. Their research and studies provide them a strong base to understand how to apply different methodologies on people to cure them. They could work with children, adults and elderly people.

Developmental psychology colleges and schools in Wyoming are proper and licensed institutes where you could enroll yourself for a degree program. Here bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or a doctoral degree could be acquired. Master’s degree prepares a student for different analysis and research. Students could look to advance in language process, infant behavioral development and other behavioral analysis. Popular courses are lifespan development, developmental disabilities and applied psychology. In a doctoral degree, students focus on sub-specialties like cognitive development or a particular age-group people. Some core course topics of this degree are physiological psychology, advanced developmental psychology, advanced social psychology etc.

With a master’s degree you might be hired in mental healthcare settings, governmental hospitals or educational institutes for teaching. By acquiring a doctoral degree, you could get employed in many private settings, psychiatric clinics or agencies. The average annual salary earned by developmental psychologists in Wyoming is $42,000, as of 2012 (

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