Developmental Psychology Schools in West Virginia

West Virginia is rich in oil, gas and natural resources which have been utilized for the progress of the state. The industries which operate in the secondary sector of this state are manufacturing, engineering, automobile and more. In the service sector, healthcare, banking, education and retail trade are the most flourishing. For a sector like healthcare, it is necessary to have a command over this field which could prove worthy in the coming years.

One such field is of developmental psychology. Practitioners in this field are mainly concerned with processes involving social, mental and physical changes. These changes occur in a person’s lifetime, from birth till his death. They focus on areas such as behavior and changes with age, abnormalities and emotional development. These practitioners also specialize in particular age groups like childhood, teens, middle age and elderly people. Furthermore, developmental psychologists conduct research and study various disabilities. Those who choose to study applied developmental psychology use research findings to treat people in clinical settings.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the minimum requirement of education to start practicing this field in West Virginia is a doctoral degree. For this, you might have to find proper accredited developmental psychology schools in West Virginia. Any program in these colleges might require you to take courses of statistics, developmental theory, social development, emotional development and more. During an advanced degree program, you may have the opportunity to attend seminars. With a master’s degree, you might have to work under a trained doctoral practitioner. With a doctoral degree, you might have to complete internship and residency program.

All these studies might help to get employed in educational as well as healthcare settings. The average salary paid to developmental psychologists in West Virginia is $39,000 per year, as of 2012 (BLS). These practitioners including psychology teachers held 110 jobs in 2011 (

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