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Developmental psychology is an understanding of human mental development and issues that come across in an individual’s life span. In this field one is required to be able to detect issues related to mental development that might not allow a person to be able to function in a given environment.

During early life this study investigates an individual’s abilities in motor skills, communication and problem resolving. Further on, in this field one could be evaluated on the basis of their abilities of conceptual comprehension as well as moral outlook that define them. The study examines psychological aspects that allow development of one’s thoughts in terms of social, cultural and economic changes. This study further understands ones view point on matters that allow them to give value to life experiences which are considered to be a source of knowledge throughout life.

There were approximately 1,080 new full-time psychologists in the state of Virginia in 2011. Their average income for that year was $69,170 per year (BLS).  A PhD is the most popular qualification in this field with which one could professionally treat individuals with mental developmental disabilities. Employment venues might include day care centers, old age homes or even schools.

In Virginia, one has to invest at least nine years after earning the high school diploma to become an expert of this field. During a bachelor’s degree in this field of study one learns the changes that occur in human biology and sexuality which impact their behavior. One understands the various issues related to child development in relation to their respective family dynamics. In a master’s program in this field one learns the development of certain abilities such as memory, communication and proactive thought. In this program one learns the psycho-social impact on an individual. In a doctoral degree one gains the ability to design methodologies for evaluating and treating inconsistencies in ones mental development.

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