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The field of developmental psychology attempts to investigate and understand variations in human evolution with respect to the changes in environment. Value of education, social, cultural norms and economic climate are the external factors which humans have to adapt in order to survive.

Developmental psychology considers the respective environmental factors and assesses as well as treats any issues of mental processing that restrain human development. At the initial level, this study evaluates the development of an individual’s motor skills and cognition. Later on an individual is assessed for his/her capabilities to communicate as well as for moral and conceptual comprehension. This study then focuses on how one behaves socially and their perspective changes according to the world around them. Developmental psychology tries to understand why one might not be able to function in a society and how to aid them to be able to do so.

One could study developmental psychology at three degree level programs. In a bachelor’s degree program one understands various human developmental processes with respect to society, biology and sexuality. In master’s education in this field one studies the development of various human abilities such as cognition, language and memory from a psychosocial perspective. In a PhD degree program one learns the methodology by which individual’s mental development is analyzed and treated. A PhD is the higher degree which should be pursued by only those who want to set their own clinic or intend to attain a higher post.

In Vermont, developmental psychologists earn an annual income of $67,000, as of 2012 ( These psychologists could get employed in the educational sector where they could treat children with mental dysfunction or young adults with social issues in schools. They could even help design instruction methods for improved learning in colleges.

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