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Developmental psychology is the science of understanding human thought, perception and mental ability during various stages of life. This study analyses an individual’s ability to overcome challenges they face and how their experiences shape them in to who they are.

This sub-specialty of psychology tries to understand the impact of various societal factors as well as the self perception that transforms a person into who they are. At the initial stages or during childhood they could be assessed for their abilities in motor function, cognition and communication. Later at the stage of their adolescence it attempts to understand how they act and react to various challenges they face. This study evaluates how one overcomes various issues in. The idea is to understand what one learns from experience. They attempt to understand how instances in life mold one to be who they are.

One could study this science from developmental psychology colleges in South Carolina. Education in this field begins with a bachelor’s degree in which students learn about the development process of infants, adolescents as well as the impact of family dynamics. In a master’s program, one learns changes that are encountered in human beings over time regarding their language, memory or problem solving skills. A PhD program in this specialty allows one to be able to design techniques of evaluating an individual’s development with regard to their environment.

In the state of South Carolina there were 540 employed psychologists and their net annual income was $64,230 in the year 2011 (BLS). One might needs to earn a PhD in this field to practice as a developmental psychologist. Occupations for such therapists include clinical treatment of children, adults and the elderly. They could   be employed as researchers to research over divergent issues of development or as professors to spread knowledge of this area at college and university level.

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