Schools for Developmental Psychology in Rhode Island

As a person grows, he/she faces various challenges that allow them to develop mentally and gain confidence in their abilities. When a person gets old they tend to regress when they are unable to perform the tasks they once could. In order to understand the changes that occur mentally and physically during life span of an individual the field of developmental psychology could be studied.

It is a field that evaluates ones mental abilities according to their age and attempts to aid them to overcome any issues they might come across. This discipline allows one to learn about the motor skills, cognition and perception of an individual that develop with time. This study tries to understand how culture, society and belief system affects behavior of a person towards various issues in life.

There are many developmental psychology schools in Rhode Island in which one could study. Many degrees are offered by reputed schools from bachelors till doctorate level. In a bachelors program, how the biological development of a person creates feelings towards the world around them could be studied in detail. In a master’s program, the process by which human development takes place and the impact various events have on life are analyzed. Moreover, certain incidents might shape and alter one’s perception which is also evaluated by students during a master’s program. Students must find the right school and an appropriate psychology degree program to serve a certain area.

In the year 2011, 190 developmental psychologists got full-time jobs in the state of Rhode Island. They earned an average annual income of $90,270 in that year (BLS). As a developmental psychologists you could work as researchers and come up with new theories on the basis of empirical research.

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