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With time mankind has remained successful in making various advancements that have brought efficiency and convenience in our lives. As human beings, children or elderly, all have to adjust and adapt accordingly. This constant human evolution in terms of mental ability and aptitude could be understood through developmental psychology.

It is a study through which an individual’s abilities to grow, understand the world and communicate with others are understood as well as evaluated. It also includes their circumstances as well as the environment in which they develop. This study assesses one’s ability to overcome obstacles and develop a new outlook towards the world. In this study, one takes into consideration various external environmental factors that affect and alter human development. Issues that are considered important are the educational climate and interaction with community members.

In Pennsylvania various developmental psychology schools have been established to provide knowledge of human psyche. Such schools could provide complete training to work as a developmental psychologist. Students must begin their educational process with an undergraduate degree in psychology; however, in order to have good employment opportunities one must earn a doctorate degree in this field. One could learn various biological factors such as human sexuality that might have an impact on individuals living in a certain society. These major areas of study are covered in a bachelor’s degree program. In a master’s program the process by which individuals develop abilities of cognition and communication are taught. In a doctorate program, the impact of external forces on mental development and personality are studied thoroughly.

In 2011, 2,280 psychologists found full-time jobs in the state of Pennsylvania. In that year they earned an average yearly income of $79,380 (BLS). Avenues for employment include old age homes, pediatric care centers and even schools or colleges where they could assist individuals that are unable to function in life according to their age.

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