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When a child is born it is innocent and free from any kind of impressions. As he/she grow in life, mental development takes place in order to achieve to the best of their abilities. This could begin from when a child takes his first step. Children observe people around them and attempt to follow a lot of people.

The human ability to grow and develop during various stages of life is understood through the science of developmental psychology. It attempts to understand an individual’s mental and physical evolution along with external factors. The affect of external forces such as social customs and cultural norms changes ones view point of the world as well as their inner ideology.

Certain factors have an external and internal impact that allows one to think, act and react in a certain manner. This could include the economic condition of an individual in comparison to the environment in which he/she resides. There are many social factors that collectively effect an individual’s thinking as to what they might find offensive, humorous or embarrassing.  This could be understood through knowing about the environment in which one grows as a person.

There are various schools and colleges in Oregon which offer accredited degrees in developmental psychology. One could study various principles regarding human biology such as sexuality and how they impact the development of one in a given society. These areas could be studied in an undergraduate program. During graduate studies various processes through which individuals communicate with each other and how they develop cognition abilities are taught. In a doctorate degree program, which is the minimum required qualification in this field, one investigates each individual’s psychological basis for spatial thinking abilities.

There were 390 new employed developmental  psychologists in the state of Oregon in 2011. During that time period they earned an average salary of $84,170 per year (BLS). Such professionals could be employed to treat individuals with development issues in settings such as pediatric or geriatric care centers as well as evaluate and assist students in clinical therapy practices.

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