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An individual faces a lot of challenges at every stage of life. Life is a journey which allows one to experience and learn. With each passing stage of life a person becomes stronger and overcome many obstacles. Development psychology is an attempt to understand and assist individuals that have trouble overcoming various challenges.

Development psychology is the science that evaluates one’s ability to lead life and function appropriately in each phase of development. It includes gauging motor skills and conflict resolving abilities. This study attempts to understand the psycho-physiological processes and cognitive capability of an individual. Developmental psychologists assess individual’s mental maturity by understanding their cultural, economic and social status which defines who they are and how they perceive the world.

The realization to understand human evolution in its varying stages along with the advancements in the human habitat has given a rise to developmental psychology schools in Oklahoma. One could begin their studies with a bachelor’s degree program in this specialty. One studies the impact of biology, sexuality and society on an individual during their early stages of development. In a master’s program, one uses statistical analysis techniques to understand how an individual’s physical and mental growth takes place. At the doctorate level, one comprehends the affects of various external factors such as the impact of culture, belief system and communication technologies on a person.

A PhD degree is the appropriate qualification to work as a psychologist in this field. There were 90 professionally practicing psychologists of this nature in the state of Oklahoma in the year 2011 and their annual net income was 82,100 (BLS). Developmental psychologists could provide therapeutic treatment services at venues like pediatric hospitals, day care centers, and geriatric centers. Some might even work as researchers for toy companies or become instructors.

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