Developmental Psychology Schools in New York

New York is a densely populated state and 40% of the US population resides in this state which makes it among the most populated of all the states. The economy is favorable for the residents and new jobs are available every now and then.

Many professions exist from a long period of time but not a lot of importance was given to them since the rise of information technology and progress in other industries. Among those, one such field is of developmental psychology. You must have heard about psychology which is a way of treating mind and body issues of human beings. This particular field focuses on physical development that is experienced by every living individual. When a child is born, changes come along with time. These changes might continue till their last breath. Practitioners from this field understand and observe them all and then find solutions if any delayed growth or development exists.

Their proficiency in the subject is the result of quality education which they acquire in developmental psychology schools in New York. These colleges are licensed by the state and hold the responsibility of training students for this field. You might feel good in hearing that nearly all degrees are accredited and many jobs are available in the state. Most of these jobs are seen in educational settings where developmental psychologists work as teachers or trainers focusing on a particular age group. But shortly after a bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degree, you need to complete a residency program and internship. Course list of these programs include psychometric theory, neurocognition, family systems, coercive behavior, psychology of aging and many more.

Like said earlier, in educational settings the demand for these practitioners is great, psychology teachers in 2011 held as much as 2,500 jobs. The salary developmental psychologists receive in New York is $57,000, as of 2012 (

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