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By studying human development and growth during the entire life of a person, developmental psychologists attempt to understand all personality, emotional, social and intellectual changes. This change and development is not only confined to these professionals but people from fields like sociology, biology, education and chemistry also benefit. So it could be said that the work developmental psychologists perform is a help for many other practitioners in treating people. Studying cultural and society norms is not easy so they often puts attention on a particular age group. In children, they remove any behavioral or abnormal issues by studying them whereas on elderly they cater to problems of old age.

You might see this practitioner working in lots of facilities in New Mexico like schools, colleges, rehabilitation center, hospitals and more. The reason is that their advanced studies which they acquire in developmental psychology colleges in New Mexico come in handy. To pursue a career in this field, it may be important to enroll in any one of the licensed schools in this state. You might be able to acquire degree from bachelor’s level but it is recommended to opt for a masters or doctoral degree as they are more advanced. Masters degree focuses on research by theories, statistics and methods in development of humans. At the end of the program you might be required to do research for completing a thesis. The courses at master’s level are language development, cognitive development and development of memory. At doctoral level, you might be trained for specialized research along with a dissertation. PhD degree is maximum of 7 years maximum. Courses of it are spatial thinking, child and family policy and psychology of thinking.

The numbers of psychology teachers employed in New Mexico in 2011 were 80. The annual salary for developmental psychologists in this state is $42,000, as of 2012 (

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