Developmental Psychology Schools in New Jersey

When a child is born, everyone is fascinated and it is considered to be a gift from God who bestows a heavenly child to couples. For the couple, it is happening blessing, but for practitioners like developmental psychologist, a new child in this world is an opportunity to understand and see how it develops with time.

The work of these psychologists is to understand how a child progresses with the passage of time; this development is not about physical attributes but other immune, emotional, social and cognitive changes. They are always indulged in observing the society how it develops and grows. They also consider relations as an important aspect in how a person grows as a family, and play his/her part in religion, divorce, poverty and more. A lot of psychologists are now engaged in working with people with different age groups because this field is so vast.

Various people get employed in educational settings like schools and colleges where their focus is on children. There they help them with studies and issues of relations. Then they also practice work in clinical settings where they do research and apply theories of understanding. In New Jersey, many healthcare settings exist due to many diseases and illnesses. To practice as a developmental psychologist, first you might have to find accredited developmental psychology schools in New Jersey.

In these schools training is provided and focus is given to studies as well. A well scored masters or doctoral degree might be effective in getting you employed in many good settings. You might have to complete a residency and an internship after completion of your degree from an accredited school as employers consider it mandatory. Among the courses that you might be taught in these institutions, some are research methods, interpersonal relationships, abnormal psychology and social cognition. In New Jersey, the number of psychology teachers is 820 in 2011. The salary developmental psychologists currently receive is $56,000 per year on average, as of 2012 (

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