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The work of a developmental psychology practitioner is to carefully observe and find out development in language, social growth, emotional growth and many other physical and inner changes of a person. They focus their specialized studies to understand what changes are occurring in people from birth to the phase of adulthood. So for this, they have to narrow down their research on particular population. Mostly, they start from children because this is when changes occur. But these are not the only ones treated by developmental psychologists. Adults and elderly receive a lot of services from them as any other individual. For example with elderly, they help them to find ways of living independently.

It is because every society and culture has different norms and values, it is essential for these practitioners to get specialized education. If you are an individual residing in New Hampshire, a state of US, then you might be interested in checking all the developmental psychology schools in your area. Though it could be a difficult phase in going through all the requirements but it might be worthy afterwards. Your interest might develop if you know that in these schools you could get enrolled for a master’s or doctoral degree. Both advanced programs focus on different approaches. Master’s degree contains more of methodologies of practice whereas in doctoral degree, you might get proficient in research to come up with new concepts and theories.

Either way, you might end up becoming a professional developmental psychologist. The places you could go and look for work are some clinical practices, educational and healthcare settings. The job stats were good in New Hampshire in 2011 and around 140 people were employed as psychology teachers.  The annual salary for developmental psychologists in New Hampshire is $49,000, on average, as of 2012 (

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