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In order to be able to diagnose the issues related to mental processing abilities individuals must be psychologically evaluated according to their age and stage of life. Developmental psychology attempts to understand the mental abilities of an individual according to the stage of life in which they are in.

Developmental psychology studies the evolution of an individual and his/her abilities. It evaluates each individual’s motor skills, logic and problem solving abilities. This study takes into consideration various environmental factors to which the individual has to adapt and grow as person. Such environmental factors include assessing the socio-economic climate as well as the cultural and religious thoughts. This allows one to understand the moral principles as well as the logic by which one faces different challenges in life.

One could learn this science at the undergraduate level at one of the developmental psychology schools in Nevada however, however to work as a developmental psychologist PhD in this field is preferred. At the bachelor’s level, one learns the general principles of growth and development and how children develop basic mental processing abilities. At master’s level, one learns the ways by which various mental abilities of cognition, communication and comprehension evolve with time. During a doctorate program variations in the   economy, society and the prevailing cultures are assessed. One might choose to study a program in one of the popular schools in Nevada.

Developmental psychologists in the state of Nevada earn and average annual income of $78,570, however, the highest 10% earning was $106,350 (BLS). Developmental psychologists could be employed as school counselors and pediatric therapists. They might work in day care and geriatric care centers where they could aid individuals to overcome the thought process disabilities.

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