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Developmental psychology is the method by which we understand the mind frame of an individual at each stage of life within social context. This study aims to evaluate an individual’s capacity to perform according to mental abilities of logic, cognition, memory and communication.

This field is based on developing an understanding of an individual’s capacity to think proactively according to age and environment. Proactive thinking abilities such as resolving issues and understanding various circumstances are analyzed.

In this field a person’s physical and mental growth is measured in relation to the prevailing culture of the society in which he/she resides. This requires taking into consideration different aspects of logical interpretation as well as comprehension of ideologies and belief systems. One’s competence at various stages of life is evaluated by developmental psychologists.

In one of the developmental psychology colleges in Nebraska a person could learn evolutionary process of human beings with an undergraduate level degree. However, the acceptable qualification to act as a professional psychologist requires one to earn a doctorate degree. In a bachelor’s psychology program one learns how biology, sexuality and psyche of an individual are affected by the society. A general understanding of psychological changes that occur with age is developed as well. During a master’s program one studies the processes by which abilities of cognition, communication and comprehension develop. In a doctorate program, various cultures, traditions and beliefs that affect mental development of a person are studied.

There were 300 newly employed developmental psychologists in the state of Nebraska in the year 2011. They earned an average yearly income of $63,840 in 2011 and their highest 10% earning was $106,540 per year (BLS). With higher qualification  one could  professionally work as a researcher in schools or colleges or as a psychologist a to treat people with mental processing disabilities in clinical settings.

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